Strategy, one of the more ambitious parts of a product person’s job. Read on to learn how others have gone through defining a vision, goals, and various efforts in product management at companies large and small.



What is a Product Strategy, Really? If software is eating the world, fueled by data, then the product manager defines its course with a product strategy.


How to Advocate for Insights. An interview with Stephen Roger, Product Strategist at Intrepid. It’s a great discussion about agency life, balancing product and project management, and the importance of small wins.


4 Communication Types for Product Managers. Bhavika Shah has an excellent writeup outlining the different roles PMs play and the considerations to make when communicating in each of them.



Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel Often referred to as an “exercise in thinking,” the book based on notes taken by former student Blake Masters while attending Thiel’s course at Stanford and challenges what we think of as truly innovative.