Product Management 101

Kick starting your career in product management, or refreshing on some time tested skills, here’s how product managers are getting it done.



What to expect from PMs by Julie Zhuo. A two part series on the the product manager-designer relationship. Part one and part two dig into what a PM does and how that two-way relationship can be most effective.


Product Manager vs. Product Owner by Melissa Perri. Melissa Perri unpacks the differences between product managers and product owners and how different philosophies teach them.


What Is Agile? The Four Essential Elements by Steve Denning. How do you determine whether a team, a unit or an organization is—or is not—Agile? Cutting through the noise to a clear definition.


The One Week Product Management Challenge by John Cutler. Challenging readers to make the most of their week, one step at a time.



Usable Usability: Simple Steps For Making Stuff Better by Eric Reiss. Combines what usability is, why it’s important, and how you do it, in one easy to read book.