Post a Job

If you’re looking to add a product role to your team, make sure to share it with the best product talent in the area.

Posting a job with Boston Product instantly shares it to our private, dedicated #jobs channel in Slack, queues it up for social shares, and adds it to our jobs board.


Host Breakfast

Show off your space with a roundtable breakfast for 20 PMs from the BP community. We like to call it “PM group therapy.” Need more details?

We’ll handle the food and invitations, and coordinate with you on dates. You may bring up to 3 team members to breakfast, and you’ll also be featured in our monthly newsletter.


Hiring Consult

If you’re an early-stage founder ready to build out your product organization, let us help.

Your first PM hire is critical. This is when you have to determine which responsibilities stay with you and which belong to product. We’ll help you craft a job description that attracts the right talent, discuss interview tactics, and promote the position within our community.

Our Community

  • 60% of members have at least 3 years of experience
  • 35% of members have at least 6 years of experience
  • 75% of members are individual contributors
  • 40% of members are female
  • 55% of members work on B2B products