What is Boston Product Breakfast?

Product breakfast is our longest running event series. We refer to it as “group therapy for PMs,” because there’s something valuable in hearing that you aren’t alone for a given problem. A roundtable conversation with 20 product managers always yields good insights and new perspectives.

Who comes to breakfast?

For each breakfast, we open up a lottery within our community, and from that group select a random mix of 20 product managers to invite. Breakfast attendees tend to be a mix of experienced individual contributors and team leads, and we’re occasionally joined by founders and early-stage executives. The sponsoring company may invite up to 3 team members separately from the lottery.

When is breakfast?

Historically, breakfast has happened on the middle Wednesday of the month, but that’s not a firm rule. Breakfast usually runs from 8am to 9:30am—so PMs have a chance to make it to their morning standups. The first 30 minutes is for open networking as people arrive. Around 8:30am we take our seats for the informal, moderated roundtable discussion.

How does sponsorship work?

When you sponsor a month for Boston Product, we’ll bring our roundtable breakfast to your office so you can show off your space. We’ll also help you select a kickoff topic to begin the conversation. You may invite up to 3 team members to breakfast. Why the limit? We don’t want any single company to overwhelm the discussion.

In addition to breakfast, we’ll also feature you in our monthly newsletter. If you’re hiring for product, it’s a great way to build visibility with the most talented people in the area.

How much does sponsorship cost?

A month’s sponsorship costs $500. We’ll provide the breakfast, handle the invites, help you pick a topic, and feature you in that month’s newsletter.

If you’re ready to connect with the best PMs in Boston, become a sponsor. You’ll need to provide basic contact info, a brief company profile and logo, potential dates for breakfast, and a $500 payment. We’ll follow up promptly to schedule breakfast and work out logistics.