The Origin Story

In 2014, I was working as the only product manager at a fast-growing tech company. I had lots of questions about how to be effective in the role, but there was no one else at the company I felt I could talk to about it. I needed people who had been through this, and understood the nuances of the role. The first time I connected with other PMs, it was immediately helpful.

Boston Product was born from the realization that frontline product managers—the ones talking to customers and overseeing implementation details—have a profound impact on the success or failure of a company. The firehose of decision making, data analysis, and stakeholder management all show up in the product the company does (or doesn’t) bring to market. When CEOs make poor decisions, the results are immediately noticeable, making it easier to course correct. For a product manager, bad decisions get woven throughout the product like dog hair in a sweater. They’re very difficult to unravel, and they keep companies from being their very best.

At Boston Product, we help frontline PMs succeed so their companies can too.


Adam Sigel
Creator, Boston Product

The Mission

We’re here to elevate Boston as a place where great people build great products. We reject Boston’s brand as “the world’s incubator” where great ideas are born, but scaled elsewhere.

We believe that supporting local product manager’s fuels our cities growth. Great PMs help their companies outperform. Over the years, we’ve cultivated a core set of product management values that we subscribe to as a community. All our members subscribe to these values, and our best members demonstrate them every day at work.

What We Do

People join Boston Product so they can surround themselves with diverse perspectives united by a common problem. Our monthly, invite-only breakfast has been described as “group therapy for PMs.”


Breakfast hosted by AppNeta

We know that managing product takes real work. There are plenty of articles offering novel approaches and best practices. We specialize in the conversation that follows. Of course you should talk to customers, but how do you source those conversations most efficiently? How do you determine what to ask, and when—if ever—should you stop listening?

Through our Slack channel and in-person events, we connect about tactics, trends, and tools for PM. Someone is always ready and willing to share her approach to running scrum teams, offer feedback on a wireframe, or talk about how to have more effective 1:1s.

#DrivenByData event

Boston Product is explicitly local. We are your neighbors, your former and future colleagues. Monthly in-person meetups give us an opportunity to connect. At a Boston Product event, you might find a new job, a new hire, a cofounder, or simply a friend. We elevate our contributing members with speaking opportunities, spotlight interviews, and other events, so they can share what they’ve learned on the job.

If you’re looking to start or advance your career in product, we’re here for you.

Interested in sponsoring an event or posting a job opportunity with our community?