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Event Series


Boston Product’s annual conference addressing the processes, frameworks, and tools that great product managers use to build all kinds of great products. Read a 2017 recap.

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User Stories

What makes a great user story? And what can we learn from the bad ones? Through a three-part series, we learned what product managers, engineers, and designers had to say about these critical pieces of documentation. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Product Breakfast

Our longest running event, Product Breakfast is a monthly session bringing together diverse perspectives within our community to discuss the challenges facing product managers in a small group forum.

Product Debaters

Product managers are said to have strong opinions, weakly held. In this series, we pit PMs against each other in a tournament-style debate. The twist: they don’t know which side of the argument they’ll have to take until the moment the round begins.

Recap of Product Debaters 3