Connect with other PMs

Product managers should always be seeking new perspectives. What better way than to learn from your peers at other companies?

Find a job

We’ve got the area’s best pool of product talent. If you’re looking to hire or find a new role, start with our jobs board and Slack channel.

Build awareness

We want to elevate great product managers. That means giving them the skills they need and the recognition they deserve.

Our belief

We created Boston Product to help elevate the practice of product management in Boston so our city can thrive.

Great PMs are difference-makers at a company, and those companies go on to make hires, attract capital, spin-off talent, and fuel economic growth.

Product management is a constantly evolving discipline with very little formal education. We believe in ongoing professional development by staying connected to the changing perspectives within the community.



Boston Product’s annual conference addressing the processes, frameworks, and tools that great product managers use to build all kinds of great products. Read a 2017 recap.


Product managers are said to have strong opinions, weakly held. In this series, we pit PMs against each other in a tournament-style debate. The twist: they don’t know which side of the argument they’ll have to take until the moment the round begins. See a recap of Product Debaters 3.


Our longest running event, Product Breakfast is a monthly session bringing together diverse perspectives within our community to discuss the challenges facing product managers in a small group forum.