An all-day event elevating frontline product managers

What is Unbox? 🤔

Unbox is for product managers who want to elevate their careers. There is little formal education for our industry, and we’ve found that the best way to help PMs improve is to get them in a room with other high-caliber PMs.

We’re focused on elevating frontline PMs—the ones embedded with engineering teams, talking to customers, querying databases, and owning the backlog. They are de facto leaders and influencers who own a product’s success. We believe that when product managers succeed, our city prospers.


Why do PMs love Unbox? 😍

Unbox is an experience created by and for product people. We’re constantly iterating to make sure that people feel comfortable and sessions are informative, enjoyable, and actionable. We’ve been “introvert-friendly” since Day One. But don’t take our word for it. See what past attendees have to say about Unbox.

For high-growth teams 🚀

Unbox is catered towards product managers at high-growth and early-stage companies, and the challenges that come with that degree of autonomy and uncertainty. Past sessions have covered:

  • Communicating with Board Members and Non-Product Execs
  • Prioritizing Customer Problems on Your Roadmap
  • Establishing Trust on Cross Functional Teams
  • Tips for Effective User Research
  • How to Launch Beta Programs
  • Collaborating with UX Designers
  • Pricing Strategies and Experimentation
  • Leveling Up Your Career in Product
  • Improving Your Data Analysis with Python
  • Managing Hardware Products
  • Utilizing AI and ML Across the Product Lifecycle

Past Speakers 🤩

Relevant industry expertise and hands-on experience

Get a recap of Unbox 2019.

Our Values 🧬


Unbox is a community-driven event, and we sincerely appreciate all the speakers, volunteers, organizers, and attendees that come together every year to make it possible. At Unbox, we ask everyone to find a way to express their gratitude for something they learn or observe.


What good would a product management conference be without a heavy dose of empathy? Unbox is designed for all attendees to be engaged without being overwhelmed or exhausted. At Unbox, think of others in the room when you ask a question. Think of the people at your office as you take notes.


We want Unbox to provide value everyone, and Boston Product has always been committed to representing a range of perspectives in the room. We want everyone to feel comfortable and welcome, and in 2019 we’re taking additional steps to ensure access for underrepresented entrepreneurs through our Pay the Way partnership.

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